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AMIRA International Ltd is a member-based organisation of minerals companies and suppliers which develops, brokers and facilitates collaborative research projects.

Through this process a number of companies can jointly fund research and jointly share the benefits. This combined funding enables AMIRA to recruit the world's leading researchers to address industry problems and opportunities and to conduct sustained research which leads to the development of a stronger industry research base.

Latest News

AMIRA Newsletter - Issue 36, March 2014 AMIRA Sharing the Benefits Newsletter - Issue 36

The lastest AMIRA newsletter contains the following articles:

  • Research Leaders Roundtable
  • Top Researchers Present to the AMIRA International Board
  • P1147 - Space-Borne Hyperspectral Sensor
  • P1136 - In Situ Fracture Stimulation and Leaching Project
  • P9P Project Reaches Mid-Point with New Project Leader
  • Data Metallogenica
  • P260G - Flotation Technology
  • P1142 - Enhanced predictive capability for magmatic-hydrothermal Cu and Au exploration targeting
  • P1146 - Unmanned Aerial Systems for Exploration & Mining
  • AMIRA International supports CODES' Application for an ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub
  • AMIRA International Partners with Sustain our Africa (SoA) to co-host a congress "Sustainable Mining in Africa"
  • And many more articles...

  • AMIRA's Low Grade Copper Portfolio

    The AMIRA International Low Grade Copper Portfolio comprises a number of related projects aimed at significantly changing the economic viability of the large inventory of ore resources that are just below the economic cut-off grade for conventional processing. The projects in the Low Grade Copper project are:

  • P1134 - Heap Leach Scale-up for Liquid and Gas Dispersion
  • P1135 - Continuous Saturated Coarse Particle (Vat) Leaching
  • P1136 - In Situ Fracture Stimulation and Leaching
  • P1129 - Micro-Capsule Leaching

  • Project Portfolio

    The AMIRA International Project Portfolio is available for searches and browsing on the AMIRA website and provides basic project information to the general public.

    Members, Sponsors and Research Partners can access detailed project information by signing in.

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    • Confidentiality periods apply for each project.
    • During the confidentiality period, both researchers and company participants will be required to keep project results confidential.
    • At the conclusion of the confidentiality period, intellectual property rights will remain with the researcher(s) and they will have sole right to publish project results and commercialise the intellectual property. Sponsors will have the right to utilise project results in their activities, whilst AMIRA will be able to provide copies of reports to its members on request.
    • The information found within the AMIRA International website is for your internal company use only and not to be circulated to third parties, sold or published in part or whole.

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    Recent Projects

    No. Project Title
    P705C Improved Anode and Cathode Processes in the electrowinning of Base Metals
    Nov 2013

    All Current Projects

    CEEC SponsorThe CEEC Sponsor’s Seal of Distinction - AMIRA is leading change in the mining industry through support of CEEC.

    Project Meetings

    Upcoming Sponsor Review Meetings

    No. Project Title Venue
    P1061 Tectonics, Architecture & Metallogeny of NE South America Ouro Preto - Simexmin Conference venue
    13 May 2014
    P420E Gold Processing Perth
    23 May 2014
    P1097 Transportable Moisture Limit for Iron Ore CSIRO Perth, WA
    02 Jun 2014 ~ 03 Jun 2014
    P009P Mineral Processing Brisbane - Traders Hotel
    03 Jun 2014 ~ 05 Jun 2014
    P1060 Enhanced Geochemical Targeting in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems CODES, Hobart, Tasmania
    04 Jun 2014 ~ 05 Jun 2014
    P934B West African Exploration Initiative Stage 3 Seminar Room 2 CET UWA
    11 Jun 2014
    P934B West African Exploration Initiative Stage 3 Dakar, Senegal
    23 Sep 2014 ~ 24 Sep 2014
    P420E Gold Processing Santiago
    24 Oct 2014
    P009P Mineral Processing Johannesburg - TBA
    11 Nov 2014 ~ 13 Nov 2014

    Project participants can access Meeting documents by logging in to the AMIRA Extranet above and visiting the Project page under 'My Projects'