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 August 2015


AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover : Stage 2 - The next phase

At a recent meeting of industry sponsors, it was resolved that a prospectus for Stage 2 of the AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover should be prepared. Mr Robbie Rowe, Ms Adele Seymon and others at AMIRA will be preparing the document for this important phase in the next several weeks.
Stage 1 of the Roadmap was supported by 34 stakeholders (consisting of explorers, mining houses, suppliers, Australian State and Territory Geological Surveys and Geoscience Australia) plus CSIRO, Curtin University and UWA. The Roadmap is part of a twofold strategy; the first stage being the identification of the scientific, technology and data gaps in the four key areas identified by the UNCOVER themes, as well as in the two additional themes identified through the road-mapping process. The second stage is the development of a suitable implementation plan.
Stage 1 identified 45 focus areas of which 16 were rated as priorities. Although subject to confirmation from sponsors, the tasks for Stage 2 of the Roadmap may encompass the following:
  • Identifying the current research activities that are addressing the priority areas
  • Developing detailed work programs for those projects addressing the gaps, along with establishing deliverables, time frames, and budgets
  • Identifying the necessary research skills and resources required to undertake the projects
  • Identifying a possible framework, along with governance and management models, within which the project activities can best be undertaken and ultimately deliver on the Roadmap vision
  • Investigating options for funding the key project activities to be undertaken
Those wishing to participate in the development of Stage 2 of the Roadmap should contact:

Adele Seymon
  • Companies, large and small, teaming up to look at interoperability across the minerals value chain
  • P705C - Improving Base Metal Electrowinning  holds successful meeting and workshop in Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
  • Data Metallogenica enters a new exciting stage with inclusion of Spectral Measurements
  • IMARC 2015: Special Discount for AMIRA members wishing to attend
  • Where does your operation sit on CEEC’s efficiency curve?
  • CEEC Director - Call for Expression of Interest
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The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover - Stage 1 can be obtained via the following link:

Companies, large and small, teaming up to look at interoperability across the minerals value chain

The AMIRA P1025 Interoperability project will soon commence. Opportunities still exist to join BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill and the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group in supporting the initiative.

This state-of-the-art study will look at the interoperability across the minerals value chain with Phase 1 focusing on Surface Mining equipment and will kick-off on 3 September 2015.

This initial project will focus on the interoperability challenges of the operation and maintenance of surface mining equipment. In particular, the study will look at enabling end-to-end planning and simulation using an increasing variety, and volume, of field data.

The study will identify and leverage the many disparate past and present initiatives focusing on interoperability, and will develop a set of guiding principles for improved interoperability. The study will also determine whether increased efforts are needed to support the evolving requirements of mining companies for major technology-based transformations.

If your company would like to join the project or if you would like to obtain more information, please contact AMIRA Program Managers:
Adele Seymon |
Olga Verezub  |

P705C - Improving Base Metal Electrowinning holds successful meeting and workshop in Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

AMIRA P705C - Improving Base Metal Electrowinning held another very successful Sponsor Review Meeting and Electrowinning Workshop on 30 - 31 July 2015 at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. The full day workshop included sponsors of the project from around the globe and a number of invited guests from key electrowinning (EW) technology supplier companies worldwide. The workshop was recorded as a webinar, thus enabling sponsors to view it at their leisure.

AMIRA P705C has seven sponsors representing copper, zinc and nickel producers as well as technology providers. The meeting was very well attended in person and via web-conferencing. The research team from Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Utah, Murdoch University and Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) have made significant progress in the last six month. A key highlight of the meeting was the unveiling of the "Dr Electrowinning", an on-line troubleshooting guide for use by electrowinning operators on sites where access is difficult. This troubleshooting guide is available on computers, tablets and smart phones and is expected to provide operating sponsors with further opportunities for efficiency and productivity gains.

AMIRA International and sponsors wish to thank the staff and management of the Missouri University of Science and Technology for hosting the meeting. The University has a great campus and a school steeped in a long history of research in metallurgy and engineering. All participants who attended in person appreciated the opportunity to see the facilities. The workshop and meeting have further cemented AMIRA's relationship with a high calibre metallurgy and engineering school.
For more information contact:

Chris Ward

Data Metallogenica enters a new exciting stage with inclusion of Spectral Measurements

Data Metallogenica (DM) is the pre-eminent global source of representative rock samples and information of mineral deposits, past and present, and is akin to a ‘seedbank’ for explorers. The project P1040 Building the Global Encyclopedia of Ore Deposits, will shortly be concluded with the circulation of the final report to sponsors. The project was under the leadership of Dr Alan Goode who retired from AMIRA after seventeen years of service. Over the last three years, the P1040 project expanded the physical rock collection and added information on hundreds of new deposits ( In addition, the project supported SEG student chapters across the globe. An exciting next stage of DM will be the addition of PIMA spectral data on key deposit samples, which will enable geologists, researchers and students to compare spectral signatures from the various deposits. DM has now reverted to a subscription based model and all past sponsors and subscribers are now invited to re-subscribe. To ensure that we can continue to grow the physical collection and make the on-line DM even more valuable we require subscriber support.

For more information contact:
Olga Verezub


Special Discount for AMIRA members wishing to attend IMARC 2015

AMIRA International is proud to be an Associate partner of IMARC. IMARC is Australia’s only truly international mining event. Uniting the entire mining industry, IMARC is where mining leaders, policy makers, financiers, technical experts, innovators and educators are brought together under one roof.
What makes IMARC unbeatable?
  • Meet 3,000+ International and Australian mining experts, CEOs, government representatives and other industry leaders from over 35 countries ready to discuss.
  • Network with key decision makers and influencers through a range of structured events, from round-tables, one-on-ones and social hubs.
  • Inclusion of Mines and Money Australia – the country’s largest mining investment forum.
  • Support of the Victorian Government, as well as involvement from all of Australia’s States and Territories.
  • Involvement of Australia’s three leading industry associations, the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), Austmine and Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA).
  To view the full program download the brochure at
Join the conference, learn in the hands-on workshops, visit the expo, or showcase your company through one of the speaker, sponsor and exhibition packages.

Early Bird discounts of up to $440 off apply until the 21st of August.
 Note AMIRA Members receive a 10% discount at time of booking.
 Register with your Priority Code: MA970AMIRA10
  1. Call +61(3) 9008 5946 to speak to IMARC customer service representatives
  2. Email IMARC at
  3. Register online at
Contact Anita Richards, Event Director, for more information on your involvement.
E:          P: +61 (0)3 9021 2031

Where does your operation sit on CEEC’s efficiency curve?

Moving to best practice in mineral processing improves processing energy efficiency and productivity. CEEC’s energy curve program facilitates the development of best practice on an operating site by providing a tool for confidential comparison of individual operating efficiency against a range of operations. CEEC’s energy curve program is provided free of charge to the industry, thanks to our sponsors.

Join us at the CEEC Workshop in Vancouver BC on Sept 24th, 2015 from 8.30-12.30pm.

Program will include
  • Present the achievements and findings of the CEEC energy curve program over the past 12 months
  • Demonstrate the insight gained from participation in CEEC’s energy curve program.
  • Demonstrate data entry to the energy curve program.
  • Demonstrate data modelling and its impact on a site’s energy efficiency.
  • Question and answer session
  • User group session


CEEC Director - Call for Expression of Interest

In accordance with the CEEC International Ltd Constitution, all Board members are required to retire from office or seek re-election no later than the second Annual General Meeting following his or her election or appointment at the AGM, and are able to immediately offer themselves for re-election. Expressions of interest are being sought to join the CEEC International Ltd Board. Directors with the following skills are sought:
  • Outstanding integrity
  • Previous Board experience
  • High level of expertise in their field
  • Executive-level responsibility in the industry
  • Strong networks with senior industry leaders
  • Resources to make a significant contribution to the deliberations and results of the CEEC International Ltd Board.
CEEC values the contribution that the Board members make to the ongoing development and growth of CEEC International Ltd. Expectations and responsibilities include:
  • Understanding the aims and mission of CEEC International Ltd
  • Reviewing and approving CEEC’s strategy, budgets and financial plans
  • Supporting CEEC’s strategy to accelerate the awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency mineral processing strategies, ensuring goals and objectives are clearly identified and effective
  • Providing appropriate oversight to safeguard the integrity of the organization’s operating practices
  • Ensuring CEEC International Ltd is adequately funded
  • Appointing the Executive Officer and reviewing his/her performance and remuneration
  • Attending and being actively engaged in Board meetings along with service on a Board sub-committee
  • Supporting CEEC International Ltd by having a nominated person in your organisation with responsibility for engagement with CEEC International Ltd
The CEEC Board holds its meetings by telephone approximately 10 weekly. The Board aims to hold one planning session in each financial year, during which it reviews its past activities and develops a strategic plan for the next twelve month period. It is also expected that Board Members (or nominated personnel from their respective organisations) will be available when necessary, to participate in working sessions and access resources to develop discussion papers for Board review. Anyone who wishes to nominate for a Board position, please submit a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to or by 5pm September 5th, 2015 AEST.

Joe Pease
CEEC Chairman

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